Invited Speakers

A Shoji Asai The Latest results of LHC Run2, New boson? and where is the SUSY?
B Diego Bettoni  Hadron Physics with Antiprotons with the
PANDA experiment at FAIR
Klaus Blaum Precision Atomic and Nuclear Masses and their Importance for Nuclear Structure, Astrophysics and Fundamental Studies
Francois Butin AD infrastructures and experimental areas evolutions in the context of ELENA development
C Christian Carli Status of the Extra Low ENergy Ring (ELENA) Project
D Martin Diermaier  A new in-beam hydrogen hyperfine splitting measurement using ASACUSA’s spectroscopy apparatus
F Joel Fajans Antihydrogen charge measurements
Makoto Fujiwara ALPHA-g: precision measurement of antimatter gravity with a magnetically trapped antihydrogen
H Sadakazu Haino Cosmic antiparticles - particle physics in space
Laurent Hilico Capture, sympathetic cooling and ground state cooling
of H+ ions for the GBAR project
Eric Hessels Overview and the latest progresses of the ATRAP collaboration (tentative)
Michael Holzscheiter The Relative Biological Efficiency of Antiprotons
I Yoichi Ikeda Status of Lattice QCD Simulations for Normal and Exotic Hadrons (tentative)
J Svante Jonsell The role of antihydrogen formation in the radial transport of antiprotons in positron plasmas
Klaus Jungmann Precision Tests of Discrete Symmetries at Low Energies
K Hidetoshi Katori Frequency ratios of optical lattice clocks at the 17th decimal place
Daniel Krasnicky Overview of latest results from AegIS (tentative)
Alexander Kusenko Matter/anti-matter asymmetry (tentative)
L Shiu-Hang Lee Analysis of AMS02 results from astrophysical points of view (tentative)
M Kousuke Morita Research of superheavy element at RIKEN
Nikolaos Mavromatos  CPT Violation and (Quantum) Gravity
Yu Gang Ma Anti-matter production and antiproton-antiproton interaction in relativistic heavy ion collisions
Tsutomu Mibe

Measurement of muon g-2 and EDM with ultra-cold muon beam at J-PARC

Andi Mooser A Test of Charge Parity Time Invariance at the Atto-Electronvolt Scale
Hitoshi Murayama Dark Pions as Dark Matter
N Tomofumi Nagae  Overview of Hypernuclei
Yugo Nagata Progress of antihydrogen beam production with the double cusp trap
Valery Nesvizhevsky Gravitational Interaction of Neutron and Antihydrogen (tentative)
O Makoto Oka Present status and future prospect on charm hadron physics
P Randolf Pohl Nuclear structure from laser spectroscopy of muonic atoms - The proton radius puzzle -
S Georg Schneider The Proton Magnetic Moment
Thomas Stoehlker  Status of the low-energy facilities for antiproton and heavy ion experiments at FAIR
T Jay Tasson Antimatter, Lorentz Symmetry, and Gravity
V D.P.Van der Werf The GBAR experiment:Status and Outlook
W Jochen Walz A summary of hydrogen spectroscopy
Y Xuhao Yuan  Observation of two pentaquark states in the decay Λb0 -> J/ψpK-
Pauline Yzombard Overview of recent work on laser excitation of Positronium for the formation of antihydrogen


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